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What are Leads?

There are many different definitions of leads in this world, and we think it does not really matter how anyone defines it as long they keep their definition clear and fixed within their organisation and throughout the marketing and sales workflow.
There are also many subsets of Leads such as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), BAND leads, hot leads, etc.

Our definition of a Lead

In LeadBoxer, we have defined Leads quite broadly as any Individual that shows or has shown any interest in your product or service AND is Identifiable as either an (anonymous) employee of a company or as a know contact.

What are Accounts

In LeadBoxer, we define companies and organizations as Accounts. Accounts contain one or more leads. In other words:
An account is a grouped 'view' of leads from the same organization.

Behaviour tracking

By using various tracking technologies and connecting with your other marketing tools, we can (among other things) track individual leads when they browse your site and read your emails. MeaningLeadBoxer can track all the (digital) interactions or engagement your leads have with your content or organization, and store this as their 'behaviour'. This behaviour can be found for each Lead as part of their LeadProfile
Individual behavioural visualisation is also know as a click-stream, event-stream, actions, etc.
The behaviour gives insight into their interests, buyer journey, marketing phase, and also provides input to build up a rich Lead Profile, for example by tagging based on pages they visit.
Behaviour can also be crucial in your Lead Qualification process to either qualify or disqualify a lead.


A channel is a marketing term that refers to the source of traffic to a website or a specific page within a website. Common channels include organic search, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. See Tracking Marketing campaign data for more details.