How to track email opens and clickthroughs from Lemlist emails

Step 1: Track email opens

To track mail open/reads, you need to add the tracking pixel to your campaigns or templates.

Here are the steps needed for adding the tracking pixel:

  1. go to your drip campaign or template

  2. edit your campaign or template and switch to HTML (</>)

  3. paste in your email tracking pixel at the bottom

<img src="https://track.leadboxer.com/log?datasetId=YOUR DATASET ID&campaign=lemlist&email={{email}}&firstName={{firstName}}&lastName={{lastName}}&company={{companyName}}" width="1" height="1" >


  • Change datasetId to reflect yours

  • Optionally, change the campaign value to reflect the email title or campaign name

  • you can add other custom variables as parameters if you have them

Step 2: Track clicks and identify prospects on your site

To track email clicks, you need to modify your links to include these parameters

example URL


For more details see this page:


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