Upload Leads

You can upload your leads by using the upload feature directly on the Leads & Accounts page.

  1. Start by downloading the sample CSV file, to see how the list needs to be structured. The most important fields is companyDomain, as this is the best way for us to enrich your leads with firmographic data.

  2. Paste your leads into the sample file or format your list int the right format and store locally.

  3. Set the tags that you want these leads to have. It is good practice to tag them with a generic imported tag but also with a specific tag like event-2023 so you can later easily select and edit them.

  4. Select your CSV file with the Leads to upload.

  5. Click Upload.

Once you have hit upload, your list will be processed in the background and depending on the size it will be done in a few minutes.

Leads will appear in the Leads & Accounts page, and can also be put automatically on your LeadBoard if you have set this up via an automated LeadBoard import or via Workflow Automation.

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