Create rich dashboard visualisations of LeadBoxer data with Whatagraph

Note: you need access to the Whatagraph Custom API Connection feature in order to use our integration.

Getting Started.

  1. Before you start, think about the data you want to visualize.

  2. Create a segment and use the filters to narrow down the audience you want to graph out. For example everyone that downloaded a white-paper.

  3. Login to Whatagraph as Admin, go to your sources page and select Custom API source and click New account.

  4. Give the source a name, and when you click 'add account' you will be provided with an API key, copy this key

  5. Switch to LeadBoxer and login as admin, go to the integrations page and select Whatagraph

  6. Add a New Integration and fill out the steps in the form

  7. Make sure the integration is enabled and Save

  8. Wait 24 hours and you should see yesterday's data in Whatagraph when you use this new source.

  9. You can add multiple sources per dataset, and visualise journeys etc.

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