Here you will find the latest changes, addictions, updates, fixes, etc. for the LeadBoxer Platform


Bug-fixes and small improvements

  • Improvements to the LeadBoard, including a new 'empty state' screen. So that if you have no LeadBoards, it becomes clear what you can do with this feature.
  • Style and content updates for the 'Account details panel', for example we now show the email address for each lead if this is known to LeadBoxer
  • Style and content updates for the 'Lead details panel', where we now show first campaign and other UTM tag values.


Workflow automation

We have added a new feature called Workflow Automation, that will allow you to create all sorts of simple or complex tasks.
For example to tag a lead if they visit a certain page.
A complete overview tutorials can be found here:

Bug-fixes and small improvements

  • Updated new UI to latest version of React (18), which will add speed/ loading time improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate LeadBoard cards imports
  • Improved initial importing speed of leads into the Leadboard.