Active Campaign

This integration can be used to push LeadBoxer data into Active Campaign.

The main functionality is to enrich and update your Active Campaign Contacts and Accounts with data available in LeadBoxer.

The integration also pushes the captured behaviour for each lead into a Contact widget.

Integration also contains an event trigger, meaning behavioural data can also be used to create Automations. For example to tag a contact if they visit a certain page, or arrive from a specific campaign, etc.

Currently we only support Leads that have been identified with an email address, eg existing contacts. To identify your contacts on your site, track your forms or connect your email applications.

For a technical overview of this integration, see here.

How to Setup the Integration


  • You need to be both an admin in both LeadBoxer and Active Campaign

  • Make sure you have created a Segment that contains the contacts you want to sync to Active Campaign

Step 1.

On the integrations page (in the new Interface), go to the Active Campaign option and click New Integration

Provide basic details such as:

  • The name of the integration. This is very useful if you plan to add multiple integrations

  • The subdomain value of your AC account

  • the API key; you can find this under Settings > developer

  • The dataset or site in LeadBoxer you want to integrate with

  • the Segment that you want to use as source.

Step 2.

Define who will be the 'owner' of the newly created Contacts and Accounts in Active Campaign.

Step 3.

Select whether to import the last hour's data or not.

That's it! Once finished we will start updating every hour, on the hour.

Technical overview

The data flow / logic

  • Every hour we will check for a specific segment - if there are any new leads or contacts and /or activity.

  • When we find new data, we will create or update existing contacts and linked accounts (organizations)

  • Both Contacts and Accounts will be enriched with pre-defined fields, if they have a value present in LeadBoxer

  • For contacts, a 'LeadBoxer Events' widget will be added, which will include the events or pageviews measured by LeadBoxer

  • A new tag will be created and added to each Lead or Account that is created or updated by the integration

  • A new List called 'LeadBoxer' will be created

Custom fields for Contacts that are added and populated by LeadBoxer

  • First Campaign

  • First Medium

  • First Source

  • First Term

  • First Content

  • Last Campaign

  • Last Medium

  • Last Source

  • Last Term

  • Last Content

Contact fields mapped to LeadBoxer fields

  • Email

  • FirstName

  • LastName

  • Phone

  • Job title

Account fields mapped to LeadBoxer fields

  • Name

  • URL

  • Address 1

  • City

  • State

  • Country

  • Phone

  • Number of Employees

  • Description

  • Annual Revenue

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