Clients (agents)

Manage external user access to your data


LeadBoxer allows you to collect an abundance of data about your leads and customers. Some information may not be relevant to all users in your account. Therefore you may want to segment the collected data and limit viewing access to specific users or groups. We call these specific user groups ' Clients'Examples of different client types are:

  • External agents or resellers

  • Partners or Distributors

  • Product or Local sales teams

  • External organizations, eg Recruiting


In LeadBoxer, you can add multiple datasets (websites) to your account and collect Lead & Customer data. Within each of those datasets you can create Segments. For example, you might be targeting leads from different states or countries, so it makes sense to segment these into separate groups.Using the Clients feature, you can add one or more clients (e.g., an external organization or an agent) that you can and specify which segment within that dataset they can view. For example, you may have created EU and US segments in one of your datasets and work with an agent within the European market, so you may want to limit their access to the EU segment only.So you first create 2 Segments (US and EU), add the 2 Clients groups (A and B) and set the permissions.Finally, you then add individual users and associate with a dataset and 'Client group'. Below image is a visual representation:

Next, we'll explain how you can add segments, clients, and users to a specific client.

1. Adding a New Segment

  1. Log into LeadBoxer as Administrator

  2. Go to Leads view

  3. In the filters section, apply any filter

  4. Verify by opening a random lead and confirm the correct filter is applied

  5. Click 'Save (as)'

  6. Define a name for the Segment

  7. Set Visibility to Private (or public if you want to share with all users)

  8. Enable or disable the Mail this list option and and click Save

2. Adding a new Client

  1. Log into LeadBoxer as Administrator

  2. From the dropdown menu in the top-right corner, select Clients

  3. Click Add a Client

  4. Provide a client name

  5. Select the Segment you want your client to be associated withClick Add

3. Adding users to a client group

  1. Log into LeadBoxer as Administrator

  2. From the dropdown menu in the top-right corner, select Users

  3. Click Add a User

  4. Enter the email address, First Name, Last name

  5. From the dataset dropdown select your dataset

  6. From the Client dropdown, select the client name for this user

  7. Click Add

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