Identify & track Apollo email recipients on your website

Step 1: Track email opens

To track mail open/reads from your Apollo audience in LeadBoxer, you need to add a LeadBoxer tracking pixel to your campaigns or templates.

Here are the steps needed for adding the tracking pixel:

  1. Go to your sequence templates

  2. Choose the mail template you want to track

  3. Switch to HTML view, so you can ad HTML code (< >)

  4. Paste your email tracking pixel into the bottom of the HTML:

<img src="https://track.leadboxer.com/log?datasetId=YOUR-DATASET-ID&campaign=Apollo-outreach-email-day-01&email={{email}}&firstName={{first_name}}&lastName={{last_name}}&companyName={{company}}">
  1. Save


Step 2: Track email clicks (click-thrus) and identify prospects on your site

To track email clicks, you need to modify the links inside your email campaigns and add this parameter to the URL of the link:


This will allow us to identify the individual visitors when they land on your site.

Optional, but recommended; add additional parameters to enrich visitors with additional information from your database:

example URL


NOTE: remember to update the landing page with your url. Tip: Best practice is to test before sending out a mass email

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