How to hide & unhide Leads

This is useful if you would like to hide colleagues, accounts, customers, your marketing agency, etc

Q: Can I exclude or hide visits from myself or my colleagues

A: Yes! You can hide all visits from an individual or all leads from the same company.

You can accomplish this by clicking on the 'actions' icon (3 vertical dots) for a visit from yourself/ colleague/ employee, then select to hide 'all leads from this company'.

Note: you can also do this for known (existing) clients or competitors who are not leads, although it may be interesting to be aware of such visits. See below for instructions.

Why is this useful?

Its best to keep your Leadboard clean. We encourage you to remove the leads that are not useful. Some leads are too big, too small, outside your geographical area or perhaps even a competitor. There are plenty of reasons to remove leads.

Now you can hide all entries coming from a company that you don't want in your list. New visits from that company will not show up again either.

How to hide leads, customers, employees, etc.

1. Login and go to your Leadboard. Locate the lead / customer/ employee you want hidden and click the icon with the 3 dots.

Choose to either hide just this one lead, or all leads from this company. Click submit and your lead list will become a lot cleaner.

How can i Unhide ?

If you have hidden an entry by accident or would like to see your hidden leads, you need to apply the 'hidden' value in the display filter:

Add a filter called 'Display', select 'Hidden' and apply.

Find the entry you want to unhide and click the options icon and select Unhide

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