LeadBoxer reseller getting started

As reseller or agency you will want to add your clients to your account. the good news is that you can start doing so right away! There is no (technical) difference between a regular and a reseller account, everything you need is already in there.

Here are the steps to get going:

Note: Make sure you are logged into your account as Admin

Adding and activating your customers:

  1. Add your clients website(s) to your list of datasets in the dataset overview

  2. Give you clients access to the application (optional) You can do so by adding them as 'users' , giving them access to view the leads and/or customers for their own dataset(s). Make sure you do NOT set the 'Admin' role your clients.

  3. Once the dataset (and users) are added, you can go ahead and provide them with their unique tracking pixel for their website, and implement as many integrations as possible to get the most out of LeadBoxer. Please see the Getting Started guide and work off the list

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If you are ready and want to activate your account, contact sales to setup billing. We have special pricing structure for Resellers.


- By default, some integrations cannot be setup for multiple sites from within a single account (eg Pipedrive) so please contact us if you need this.

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