What is Enrichment

In LeadBoxer, the process of adding information to a lead or account is called Enrichment.

By default, if you only install the tracking pixel on your website, we will start measuring your visitors and capture some basic information. It is the various Enrichment engines and connectors we use to turns this data into something that is valuable.

We support 2 different kinds enrichment:

  • First party personal data enrichment

  • Third party Firmographic Enrichment

First party data enrichment

This happens when you connect or provide us with information about an individual or organisation. Examples are:

  • A connected contact form

  • An enabled integration with your marketing automation platoform

  • An email send through our gmail plugin

  • a manual entry

  • etc

LeadBoxer is fully GDPR compliant and operates as a so called Data Processor, meaning we do not own, sell or share any of your collected data with any other party.

For more details see our Privacy & Security section

Third party Firmographic Enrichment

LeadBoxer is specifically useful for B2B organisations, as we can identify many of the businesses visiting your website. We also have one of the most advanced firmographic enrichment engines that are available, and its build inside our application.

Meaning that we can provide a rich and complete company profile when a visitor or lead is identified, which is essential for qualifying your leads.

Combining First and Third party data

This is the thing that really moves the needle.

By combining all data about leads, accounts, contacts from your organization, together with our enrichment and behavioural tracking gives you the power to both Identify the Leads, Qualify your leads and pass them over to sales when they are ready to buy.

Common mistakes or misconceptions

Can i get contact details from anonymous visitors?

Here is an example of a question we frequently receive:

Q: I have an account with LeadBoxer, but I can't see the individual people's details like name of the person and email address who are just visiting on our website, is there any way to get that information?

A: No. Individual names and email addresses not available by default because of how the internet is built, you remain anonymous until you make yourself known. Convincing your visitor to give you this information a part of the Lead generation process.

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