Lead Identification

Lead Identification is essential for almost any business. Use smart lead identification techniques to grow faster and do more meaningful sales outreach.

Website Visitor Identification

Identify your Website Traffic and never miss a sales opportunity again.

Let’s face it, the B2B sales process has changed. Companies have had to adapt and find new ways to reach their customers and get heard through the noise. How much of your website traffic are potential clients looking at your products? Is your sales team looking for new channels to tap into? Then LeadBoxer just might be the perfect tool to identify your website visitors.

Using Leadboxer, we enable you to identify the businesses AND individuals visiting your website using our unique multi step or layered approach.

Email Click-through Identification

Track Email Opens or Reads.

Identify your email recipients on your site and see their website behaviour. See what your readers are doing AFTER they click on a link in your email. Once identified, we can see their past and future visits as well!

What are the benefits of email tracking?

  • Identify (more) individual users on your website

  • Learn what your audience does after they click and land on your website

  • Understand your email marketing campaigns better than ever.

  • Get insights and notifications when your audience is Ready-to-buy!

Contacts and form Identification

Automatically (or manually) track all form submissions and see the complete customer journey from entry to conversion. We do not only track forms, also integrate with Chatbots, newsletter signups, portal logins, intranets, etc.

LeadBoxer has a flexible input layer, meaning we can capture data through various methods and techniques like our advanced javascript library, URL submissions, Zapier or any of our native integrations like Hubspot or Marketo. We also have a public API to get and push data to.

Identify Companies AND Individuals

LeadBoxer identifies both companies and individuals visiting your website. Identification of companies and organisations happens out of the box based on IP addresses, form fields, email and other touch-points. Identifying individuals on your website can be achieved by utilising one or multiple of our integrations that capture individual data.

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