Campaign Monitor

Identify & track Campaign Monitor email recipients on your website

Step 1: Track email opens

The Email builder from Campaign Monitor does not support HTML editing. Meaning we can only track email opens if your emails are created using the Import HTML method.

To track mail open/reads from your Campaign Monitor audience in LeadBoxer, you need to add a LeadBoxer tracking pixel to your campaigns or templates.

Here are the steps needed for adding the tracking pixel:

  1. Go to your campaigns

  2. Choose the mail template you want to track

  3. Edit the HTML:

  4. In the HTML add the tracking pixel at the bottom of the email, before the end body tag:

<img src="[email]">
  1. Save


  • Don't forget to change the DATASET ID to your own.

  • You can add additional data fields variables as parameters by simply adding these to the pixel, eg &firstName=[firstname], etc

  • For more details on advanced data fields in Campaign Monitor see:

Step 2: Track email clicks (click-thrus) and identify prospects on your site

To track email clicks, you need to modify the links inside your email campaigns and add this parameter to the URL of the link:


This will allow us to identify the individual visitors when they land on your site.

Optional, but recommended; add additional parameters to enrich visitors with additional information from your database:

example URL[firstname]&lastName=[lastname]&email=[email]

NOTE: remember to update the landing page with your url. Tip: Best practice is to test before sending out a mass email

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