What is a dataset?

A dataset is anything that you want to measure. In the past we referred to datasets as sites, but the definition has changed to include a broader definition. Now, a dataset can be a single page, subset of pages, campaign landing page, sub-domain, app. etc. Think Internet of Things, or 'types of behavior'.

Where can i find my Dataset ID or tracking pixel?

You can find all dataset ID's in the dataset overview.

You can also get your tracking pixel by clicking on the settings icon.

Note: Dataset overview is only visible and accessible for users with 'admin' permissions

Measure all your websites

Some organisations have more than one website, LeadBoxer allows you to add multiple sites to your account, for example a specific product, region, language or event.

For a detailed tutorial how-to add a site see here

Simply add them to your account in the dataset overview and you will receive a unique lead pixel to install on these domains.

We also offer cross-domain tracking, please contact us for details and pricing.

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