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There are manifold definitions of what constitutes a 'lead'. We don't think it matters - as long as the definition is clear and fixed across an organisation with regards to marketing and sales workflows.

Additionally there are multiple subsets of Leads such as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), BAND leads, hot leads, etc.

Our definition of a Lead:

In LeadBoxer, we have defined a Lead quite broadly as (1) any Individual that shows or has shown any interest in your product or service AND (2) is identifiable as either an (anonymous) employee of a company or as a know contact.


In LeadBoxer, we define companies and organizations as Accounts. Accounts contain one or more leads. In other words:

An account is a grouped 'view' of leads from the same organization.

Events (pageviews)

An event in LeadBoxer is defined as any tracked activity that takes place on an internet-connected device.

Example events include: pageview, (email) clicks, swipe, scroll, download, email open, etc.

Sessions (website visits)

A Session begins when a Website visitors enters your site with an entry event and views a succession of one or more pages. Each page requested and viewed is a pageview. The end of a visit is signalled by an exit event or a 10-minute period of inactivity. In that case, a next event (click) will start a new visit.

Behaviour tracking

By using various tracking technologies and connecting with your other marketing tools, we can (among other things) track individual leads when they browse your site and read your emails. In other words, LeadBoxer can track all the (digital) interactions or engagement your leads have with your content or organization and store this as their 'behaviour'. This behaviour can be found for each Lead as part of their LeadProfile

Individual behavioural visualisation is also know as a click-stream, event-stream, action-stream, etc.

The behaviour (a) gives insight into lead interests, buyer journey, marketing phase, and (b) provides input to build up a rich Lead Profile, for example by tagging based on pages they visit.


A clickstream, or click path, is a list of all the events registered from a lead, presented in the order the events were registered, also defined as the ’succession of pageviews’ that each Lead makes through a website.


A Leadscore is method to calculate the interest or value of lead by setting weights on selected properties and behaviour. In other words, you tell us what's important, and we weight it.

The end result is a number from 0-100 where higher means better.

s. e. = single event (visit)

A “single event” visit is defined when a lead or visitor views a single page of your site, and no second event was registered.

Glossary & field names

Person or contact fields

LeadBoxer captures various marketing data and stores these in the following fields:

Acquisition fields

Note: Each of these fields has both a first and last version.

  • First represents the very first value that was tracked. eg the initial campaign. This field will never be overwritten.

  • Last represents the very last value that was tracked & stored. this value will be overwritten every time we track or receive a new value.



Geo Location

We determine an internet visitor’s location based on their IP address and /or GPS coordinates. ​Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a mobile phone or an internet-connected computer.

Organization fields

LeadBoxer offers multiple options for identifying organizations and companies. Examples are via IP address, login, sign-up, email or form submission.

Once we have identified an organization, we enrich this identified organization with an extensive range of fields. As we use multiple data sources, field availability differs, depending on factors such as region, location, online presence, etc.

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