What is a segment?

In Leadboxer, you can save any combination of filters into a so-called ‘segment’. Segments allow you to save one or multiple filters and access it at any time. You can save segments, edit or duplicate them, or even send emails containing your segments or share them with colleagues.
Your leadboard contains a default segment: ‘Top leads’. This segment filters out all leads without a known company name - easily allowing you to filter out the unidentified companies.
Using the Property Filters you can create Segments.
Segments have several functions:
  • As a saved combination of filters which you can select from the Segment drop-down menu.
  • Share your combination of filters with team-members/ colleagues.
  • As a start point for notifications - see this article on setting up (email) alerts.
If you would like to learn how to create your (first) segment use this tutorial:
Saving segments
Whenever you are apply a filter, you have the option to save the filters. Go to the bottom left corner of your screen and find the option ‘save’. This will send you to a screen where you can save your filter properties into a segment. Here you will have the option to name your segment, but you can also set it to ‘private’ or ‘public’ (whether or not other users will have your segments available to them).
Using segments
Whenever you are browsing your leadboard, you can find the dropdown menu for segments below the main tabs in the top of your browser window. Simply click on the segment options and a drop down menu will appear where you can select the segment of your choice. When you do, the segment will automatically be loaded into the filter interface, allowing you to see exactly the filter terms that your segments contain.
Caution: loading any existing segment will erase unsaved changes in your filters!
Editing segments
When you open a previously saved segment, you have the option to edit this segment. You can edit an existing segment, edit a duplicate segment, or delete any segment. When you open a segment, the filters automatically load into the interface, allowing you to view your filters but also edit them. When you press ‘save’ now, a window will pop up offering you two options: you can either ‘update segment’, or ‘create new segment’. The first option will simply edit the existing segment, whereas the latter will create a new segment, leaving the original intact.
You also have the option to delete your segments. Simply go to the segment drop-down menu, and press the delete icon. Be careful - there’s no going back from deleting a segment!
If you would like to learn how to create your (first) segments


You can (as an Admin) change ownership for all segments in your account. This is useful if you want to create or modify segments for your colleagues or clients