Adobe Tag Manager

  1. Select the appropriate company if you work on multiple. If not, just click the Web Property you want to install the LeadBoxer pixel on.

  2. Click Add a Tag.

  3. Click Go to Rules.

  4. From the left menu, select Page Load Rules.

  5. Click Create New Rule.

  6. Give it a name.

  7. Click the + button to expand the Javascript/Third Party Tags tab.

  8. Select Sequential HTML.

  9. Click Add New Script.

  10. Copy the LeadBoxer pixel/ Tracking Code from the signup email or the dashboard

  11. Back in Adobe DTM, paste the code in the black custom code box.

  12. Give the tag script a name, then click Save Code.

  13. Click Save Rule.

  14. Click Create Tag.

Your LeadBoxer pixel Tracking Code is now installed

Note: official documentation can be found here:

Target by URL or site section

To load the LeadBoxer Pixel on a specific part of your site you need to create a rule. For more information see the official documentation here:

Third party video Tutorial

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Last updated on May 31, 2018

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