Connect Leadboxer to Slack with Zapier

This guide continues where Getting started with LeadBoxer on Zapier left off.

Select Slack as the tool you want to be triggered by Leadboxer.

Choose what should happen in Slack whenever LeadBoxer finds a new lead and click save & continue.

For instance, you can create a channel in which all new leads are shown with the corresponding information of your interest.

Click ‘Connect a new account’ and authorize Zapier

Depending on your previous decisions, you will see a set of options. Fill these in according to your preferences.

Simply test the Zap by clicking Create & Continue. Congratulations! You have a working Zap, all you have to do now is turn it on!

To avoid being spammed because you have so much traffic on your website, we can set up a filter. The filter can be found at the 'plus' between Leadboxer end Slack, as shown on the image below.

Once you press Filter you can set up the 'Only continue if..' rules. This way you can filter out messages for companies with an unsufficient leadscore, no company name, no e-mail or any set up you like. The set up below will filter out all leads with a Lead Score that you think is not worthy of chasing.

Your Zap is working and your filter is set, enjoy the convenience.

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Last updated on August 11, 2021

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