Leads & Accounts

If you could ask your marketing data a question, what would it be?

The main page of LeadBoxer

Once you login, you will arrive on a page called Leads & Accounts. This page /screen / report / view is the beating heart of LeadBoxer.
Here you will be able to see all your Leads and Accounts (hence the name) to apply filters, create segments, import, export data, hide, remove, group, merge and many other operational tasks.
It is also the place to research and drill down into your data to find opportunities or other pieces of information you were not aware of.
On this page you will find a complete overview of the page and links to all the relevant sections, definitions or elements.
The Leads & Accounts page

What is the Leads & Accounts page?

In one sentence: it basically is a list of all your Leads, that can be grouped into Accounts.
For our definitions on Leads and Accounts, please read our definitions.
The Leads and/or Accounts are rendered in a table or grid with various columns that you can customize by showing or hiding additional columns. You can choose from a wide range of properties or behavioural fields. You can customize the columns by clicking on the column icon and choose to show/ hide. you can also search for specific columns.

Summary Columns

In order to give you a quick snapshot of each lead without the need to add a lot of columns that would require a lot of horizontal scrolling, we created 3 version of a custom Summary Column: Small, Medium, Large.
  • Small contains only the name of the organization and the name or email of the Lead.
  • Medium adds the lead tags and LeadBoards the Lead or Account is on.
  • Large adds Employee count, Industry, Revenue and last activity.

Column sets

By default we show a selection of columns, but we encourage you to create your own and save them as a 'column set'.
You can save your customized set of columns as a column set so you can quickly get back to your preferred set of columns.
The Column set selector also provides the option to select the LinkedIn Matched Audiences column sets for both Leads (contacts) and Accounts (Companies).

Lead Details Drawer

If you click on any lead, this will open the Lead Details Drawer. The drawer contains a lot of details about the individual lead on both his profile information, the individual behaviour and the option drill down into the associated organization.
The Lead details drawer contains several items, here is a list and description:
  • Engagement
  • Acquisition
  • LeadBoard
  • Custom Properties
  • Leadscore
  • Technical
  • Clickstream
  • Organization


This item shows a summary of stats on the behaviour, like events (pageview, email opens, etc) website visits, time on site, etc.


In LeadBoxer we primarily focus on Leads that are acquired through some digital channel, although it is quite common to have leads that came in through a trade show, event, showroom, etc. It is important that you keep track of your acquisition channel as it will give you many insights later down the road into what are the best channels to invest in.


See what LeadBoard this lead or Account is on, or quickly add them to any of the LeadBoards you already have.

Custom Properties

In this section we show you all your custom Lead properties. Learn how to add your own custom properties


See how the Leadscore for this Lead is calcultaed or build up. See this section of our help docs to learn more on how the Leadscore works.


A section showing technical details about the browser, email client, connection, network, etc.